Curved Programmable Monitor Wall
Grass Kalypso 60 Input Switcher LDK6000 Multi-format Cameras
Canon 72X HiDef Lenses
Canon 4.2X HD Wide Angles
1 6-Channel EVS-XT2
1 8 Channel DreamCatcher
1 16 Channel DreamCatcher
Yamaha PM5000 Audio Console
Cronus 64 Port Digital Intercom
4 KiPro Recorders
RoboCams / POV Cams
Wireless PL and IFB Sets

Coop was our 32' Expando - designed to be the perfect "Big Truck in a Small Body"  Able to be towed by a PickUp, Coop had 12' Ceilings, Belly Bay Doors, 6 Sony HDC950 HiDef Cameras, Ross Carbonite Black 32 Input Switcher, Yamaha M7CL Digital Audio Console, 2 EVS Units and much more.  Unfortunateiyl she caught a gust of wind in Laredo Texas and flipped over.  RIP COOP !!!!
"WORTHY" was our 53' Straight Body that we purcahsed in 2006 specifically to do ESPN Friday Night Fights.  It was one of the top SD Trucks on the road at the time - as we did fights in both English and Spanish Simultaneously - both audio and graphics.  It went on to do Concerts, MLB Baseball, NHL Hockey and much, much more until we sold her in 2011 to Niles Media Group.
"RAMBIS" was our Dual Path Digital Uplink Truck.  She covered everything from our ESPN Friday Night Fights to Large Concerts - even the Grand Opening of the Grand Canyon Skywalk.  Rambis has the distinction of being the only uplink truck NOT to get knocked off the air during Hurricane Katrina.  We sold her in 2010 to the Country of El Salvador.
"MAGIC" was the flagship which started 21 Lakes in the truck business.  We bought her in 2001 and she did everything from FoxSports Basketball, Soccer, Baseball to the World Series of Poker for ESPN to Concerts to Corporate.  She had the best camaras at the time (Sony BVP950s) - the best decks Sony A500 DigiBetas, a Sony 8000 Switcher and so much more.  She was the superior truck in her class for us.  We sold her in 2006.

"KAREEM" was a 48' Expando that we purchased from NMT back in 2009.  It was the top DIgital Truck on the market at the time - doing everything from MLB Baseball, to NBA Basketball and much, much more.  With 12 Cameras, 8 Decks and all the toys - Kareem was a top of the line Production Truck for us for 3 years until we sold her to Token Creek in 2012.