21 Lakes Media Group offers a variety of services ranging from full scale productions, to equipment rentals to crewing services. 
Whether it's a simple ENG rental, Small FlyPack or Full Production Truck, 21 Lakes has it all.  We've rented everything from our compact Sony EX3 Cameras to Fox and Discovery Channel, to our FlyPacks to CSPAN and CNN to our Production trucks to just about every major network in the land.  If we dont have it - WE'LL GET IT !!!!

21 Lakes has produced events of all sizes and all types.  We have produced concerts with over 20,000 people in attendace, World Series PreGame shows, Academy Awards Red Carpet Shows, Presidental Debates, Boxing, MMA, Baseball, Basketball and just about every other sport under the sun - heck, we've even done Equestrian events and Arm Wrestling.  We have produced events for such clients as CBS Sports, ESPN, FoxSports, CSPAN, MTV, Comedy Central, CNN and just about every major network.  And because we own the Facilities, we have a vested interest in making sure your production goes even better than most.  And since we own our own equipment and do not need to subrent anything, we can give the highest quality services for the best rate, WITHOUT sactificing quality !!!!

21 Lakes has been in the business for 23 years and we have a huge database of quality crew members for all positions.  Our crew members have worked in top positions for the largest events in the world ranging from The Olympics, to Superbowl Cameramen to World Series TD's to Utilities who have worked at all levels.  If you need crew - we've got you  covered.