Chris Guzzetta founded 21 Lakes Media Group in 1994.  It started with the OJ Simpson trial.  We were the Pool Crew, meaning whatever channel you watched the trial on - it came from us.  From there we moved into the Truck Business where we purchased our first truck ("Magic" - a 37' Truck) in 2001.  We began producing College Sports and at one point were producting 20 events per month.

The need to expand out became great so we purchased two more trucks - a Dual Path Digital Satellite Truck ("Rambis") in 2005 and a 53' Production Truck ("Worthy") in 2006.  In addition to College Sports, we began Producting FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS FOR ESPN which added to our busy list of events.

DAY 1 - June 20, 1994

When the industry changed to HiDef in the mid 2K era, we sold the Standard Def trucks and focused on the smaller
events - mostly news and corporate. 
When we decided to begin Producing Sports again, we chose to go back into the trucking business, but only if we could build OUR PERFECT TRUCK - so it 2015 we built "COOP" - designed her from the ground up.  a 32' Expando that could be pulled with a standard PickUp Truck.  We put all the bells and whistles on COOP giving it all the punch of a full size large truck, but it a more portable, user-friendly space.  With 12' HeadSpace, Belly Bay Doors, 2 EVS units and all the toys, it was ideal. 
But after only 4 months, while on it's way to do Rugby in North Carolina, COOP caught a gust of wind in Laredo, Texas, and flipped over.  Completely totalled, it was a heart-breaker.  I designed it myself so it felt like losing a friend. 
Our First Academy Awards Show
World Feed - March 23, 1998

"MAGIC" - Our First Production
  Truck --  August 11, 2001

But with that, and with the obligation to continue Producing events, we bought our newest truck "RILEY" - a 40' Expando.        We consider RILEY to be the Elite Truck of it's class in the entire country.  We put in a Curved Monitor wall, all new Production Benches, Grass Kalypso 60 Input / 4 ME Switcher, HD Lenses (Both 70X as well as Wide Angles), 30 CHANNELS OF REPLAY (both EVS and DreamCatcher), and all the BELLS AND WHISTLES you can ever need on a shoot.  Heck, we even throw in Wireless Mics, Wireless PL and IFB as part of the package.
"RILEY" - Our Newest Toy
  July 3, 2016

Additionally we have a variety of ENG Kits, FlyPacks and Support.  Now with RILEY on the road, 21 Lakes Media Group has built from a small, one man operation in 1994 with no equipment or staff to being a full service production company that has been able to weather the Ups and Downs of the Television Industry for nearly 25 years, having worked on some of the largest events in the world on down to the simplest of shoots.