Chris founded 21 Lakes Media Group in 1994. He was in charge of the Pool Crew for the OJ Simpson Trial and built the business out from there. Chris has spent 25 years Producing, Directing and Crewing shows ranging from Academy Awards Events, Presidential Debates and World Series PreGame shows, hundreds of sporting events and several concerts. Chris bought his first Production Truck (a 37' Truck known as "Magic") in 2001 and began the truck business from there. This year Chris will produce his 3000th event - quite a milestone.

NEIL EVANS - Senior Producer/Director
Neil has been in the business since 1989.  He got his start as a cameraman doing sports and news.  He was the Cameraman for the famous Rodney King Trial.  He went on to produce hundreds of events ranging from Boxing to Marathons, Bike Races, Baseball and just about every sport under the sun.  Neil has also been a truck owner and knows all the ins and
Business Manager/Scheduling

outs of the Production Truck World.  Neil has been part of the 21 Lakes Team since its founding in 1994.
No business can be succeessful without a strong business leader and Hans has been a successful businessman for over 20 years having owned businesses ranging from from Imports, to Tire Companies to Processing Plants.  Hans bought his
first Production Truck in 2008.  Hans handles all the scheduling, logistics and invoicing for the company and has been part of it since 2008.
TYLER CASEY - Senior Engineer
No truck can ever be successful without a strong Engineer in Charge.  And dont let the youthful appearance fool you, Tyler is one of the best  engineers around.  He took RILEY and redesigned her to be the top truck in it's class.  Before joining 21 Lakes, Tyler was Senior Engineer at APU and has engineered several different trucks for different companies.  Tyler is an expert at all the newest technologies ranging not only from Production Trucks, but also webstreaming, transmission and integration.  He once got an entire Production Truck up and running and faxed for a LIVE football game in under 30 minutes - that was from the time the truck got powered up at 12:32 until we went on the air for KickOff at 1:00 PM.  Didnt miss a play !!!  It helped that we had a GREAT TRUCK AND CREW !!!!

Business Manager


Bryan handles all the maintenance, packing, and load outs when the truck travels.  An audio specialist, Bryan is capable of not only Engineering the truck, but he can also A1, A2, Patch, Program, etc.  Bryan helped with the re-integration of
RILEY and knows the truck inside and out.  And in addition to that - he's one HECK of a bass player - lol !!!!
Lead Camera Operator

Brian has worked for 21 Lakes since 2014 - starting off as a Utility and working his way to Camera Operator.  Brian has
shot everything from Boxing, Football, MMA, and Basketball to every living president of the United States.  Brian is additionally in charge of the 21 Lakes FlyPacks and ENG Camera packages and is Crew Chief on the many news events that we cover each week.